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Join her famous ART Class with a successful fun group tailored for all levels running for over 30 years and conducted with creativity, passion and skill.

6 week Art Class £60.00
1.15.00pm - 3.15pm PAINTING - MONDAY - starts again in January 24 - Taking bookings now
CALL 07956 281110


Come along and join Virginia on her Outdoor Photo sessions get snap happy with a professional photographer. Learn new camera skills and techniques whilst on location. Two hour photo sessions run weekly. £120.00 for 8 week course

Weekly sessions run on Monday morning 10.15am-12.15pm
CALL 07956281110


Firstly, I must thank you for your help in all aspects of the course this year. And I am also looking forward to seeing you and continue course next year.
Also thank you very much for your hard work in teaching us both. Philip & Tim

I joined the course as a total novice wanting to learn something new as part of a very small group. We were then able to put our lesson into practice on location.
My camera knowledge has improved. My technique has expanded. Now, really importantly, I'm enjoying taking photos and thinking about how to take them, which is thanks to Virginia. Patricia

Having been a keen photographer in the past, but not really having the time to enjoy it to the full, my camera had previously remained set on ‘Auto’.
Having completed the ‘Shot in the Dark’ course with Virginia, it has allowed me to reconnect with my camera and has given me the confidence to try different controls and settings, which I would not have considered using before.
The course provided clear information about composition and the interaction between aperture, shutter speed, ISO in order to obtain good photos under a number of varied conditions.
The course was very enjoyable, friendly and worthwhile, taken at a relaxed pace, plus complemented by some great locations and weekly projects.
I would just like to thank Virginia for making it so interesting and enjoyable;
(The coffee wasn't bad either)

Very enjoyable with lots of practical experience plus the theory side of things explained very clearly.
I found reviewing and discussing your photos with the others very helpful as well.
All in all a very informative day very well put across.
Would highly recommend to anyone.

"I came across Virginia by complete accident. I hadn’t been looking for a course on photography, but I was not happy with some of the photos taken recently and I knew my camera had many more functions than I used. I contacted her and after an interesting discussion and a look at her web site decided to do her workshop session on light. Over coffee she outlined the session, took me through background notes she had written and established what my camera could do. We then went to several different outdoor locations with trees, open spaces, lakes and buildings to take photos. She showed me the difference achieved by taking a photo with the camera on automatic and setting either the aperture or the shutter speed, how to capture movement and how to frame a picture. Although the session was for a half day we went on into the afternoon, stopping for lunch. I learned a lot about my own camera, which was what I wanted to do and about assessing a location and taking a good photo. I came away with over 70 photos on my camera and when downloaded I had all of the information about the settings used to take them. Together with Virginia's notes these form an aide memoir. I had a very enjoyable day and intend to do more workshops with Virginia"
Susan Bradley

I enjoy the workshop day, it was fun and I learnt so much. It would like to do another workshop day. Virginia workshops are great,
I didn't know how to use my camera but by the end of the day I had more understanding. I had a fun, and really enjoyed the day.
Sharon Davis

"Photo's are breath taking!" - Joanne Rockall

"The Photo's are so beautiful, they look so sweet and innocent, it looks amazing! especially in their frames" Dixon

"I have always been impressed of the works of Virginia Cinque. She has the talent of taking pictures, which puts her in a class of her own, and has the ability of finding unique angles that other photographer's miss" Former editor Aylesbury Plus, Dick Dawson

"Many of the excellent and evocative photographs in 'Lost Villages of Bedfordshire' were taken by Virginia Cinque" - Bedfordshire Archaeological & History.

"Scraunchings from Beneath the Dottle Tree is well illustrated with picturesque photographs by the remarkable photographer Virginia Cinque" - Leighton Buzzard Observer

"Beautifully presented and illustrated photographs" - Bedfordshire Country Life Magazine

"Lost Villages of Bedfordshire is attractively illustrated with evocative photographs by Virginia Cinque" - Leighton Buzzard Observer

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