These paintings are reproduced as Vibrant fine art colour renditions, reproduced as Limited Editions giclee's of the original painting, on high quality paper, coated to give a protective finish.

Sheer Acrylic Glass Print will fit beautifully in any room. Its frameless design will hang freely away from the wall by 4 metallic studs for a flawless finish.

Framed & Mounted Print
Comes in either brown, black, white or silver frame

Virginia Cinque, hails from an artistic Anglo- Italian family, daughter of the infamous playboy ‘Angelone” branded as The Duke of the Amalfi Coast, believes that what makes her work so unique is that long after the initial impact the viewer continues to discover more.

“You see it, and then you are moved. Each painting contains something that can’t be repeated. - Discovery Magazine.

“Expression - she says, lies in the interaction of colours and in the proportion of the whole. Colour has the power to to evoke particular feelings or states of mind and stirs the sensual depths of the soul”

Virginia grew up with the deep roots of the very extraordinary Italian traditions firmly embedded within her. She started painting at a very early age, influenced by the strong architectural shapes and the colourful light of the Italian Mediterranean Landscape. Here, on the Amalfi Coast, she worked with an expression to colour responding to the surroundings where she held an intimate affinity, lashing out feelings of constriction that the Italian culture imposed, she struggled to paint through adversities that dominated her life, she emerged to establish a new found sense of freedom using intense brushstrokes and the language of light and colour as a vehicle to evoke powerful images that show a brilliance of painterly qualities.

Virginia became a painter of places and travelled extensively throughout the world, living life in one big romance finding a sense of solitude and tranquility discovering that she not only loved painting but people actually admired what she did! She was instantly recognised by her signature style for her widely acclaimed paintings throughout the Amalfi Coast and is now a success in her own right, still retaining the passion of the late Angelo Cinque of Praiano.


Angelo Cinque

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